"Dressed for Fun" Drinking Glass

"Dressed for Fun" Drinking Glass


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  • Type: Kitchen & Dining
Color :
Blue Beret
Blue Sun Hat
Blue Beanie
Pink Beanie
Pink Cap
Yellow Cap
Purple Beret
Purple Sun Hat

why we love this

These adorably cute drinking glasses are simply a must for those looking to add a bit of personality and playfulness to an everyday kitchenware. 

Each glass comes dressed with its very own hat and knitwear.

A character in itself, the "eccentric" nature of these glasses will definitely bring with it attention and compliments from friends and colleagues - a definite conversational starter.

All fun things aside, the glasses with its unique double wall structure will help to keep cold drinks cooler, longer. And since it is well styled in knitwear, all condensation will be soaked up. Likewise, keep that hat on to protect your drinks from any (unidentified) flying objects.

So, keep it fun for the family, there's a color and headpiece to suit every member of the household.


product information

Height: 12 cm / 4.7 in

Width: 8 cm / 3.1 in

Volume: 300 ml

Weight: 0.3 kg